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Audit Date Issued Audit Number
Benton County Financial Statements 11/06/2020 2020-090
Benton County Administrator Follow Up 11/21/2017 2017-139
Benton County Public Administrator 04/13/2017 2017-022
Benton County 09/26/2016 2016-097
Benton County Financial Statements 09/09/2016 2016-085
Date of Registration Bonds Issued By Amount of Issue
08/24/2020 Henry County R-I School District $3,500,000.00
09/18/2019 Cole Camp R-I School District $2,550,000.00
06/25/2019 Cole Camp R-I School District $2,500,000.00
05/30/2019 Benton County R-IX School District $6,000,000.00
06/07/2017 Weaubleau R-III School District $2,200,000.00
Political Subdivision Assessed Valuation Actual Tax
Warsaw-Lincoln Ambulance District $215,021,193.00 0.0000
Cole Camp Ambulance District $65,783,215.00 0.1901
Windsor Ambulance District $53,320,963.00 0.6075
Lincoln Community NHD $67,490,487.00 0.1935
Good Samaritan NHD $80,224,578.00 0.1098
Name Type Date Received
Cole Camp SRD Benton County Special Road Districts 06/06/2021
Lakeview Heights FPD Fire Protection Districts 06/01/2021
Benton County Health Department Health Centers 05/19/2021
Deer Creek FPD Fire Protection Districts 03/17/2021
Stover Rural FPD Fire Protection Districts 03/03/2021
Release Title Date Released
Year Reported Plan / Project Name Approved By

This information is currently available for taxing authorities in this county. Some taxing authorities do not provide information to the State Auditor's Office. For that reason, taxpayers may be aware of taxes that are assessed in their local area but that are not included in the data above. Additionally, some political subdivisions such as school districts affect multiple counties, but only taxpayers in the school district are taxed for those entities, rather than all county taxpayers.