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Toll-Free Confidential Hotline

To help Missourians play a direct role in bringing about better and more efficient government, the State Auditor's Office welcomes questions and information from the public.  If you have information, concerns or suggestions related to waste, fraud or mismanagement in government, please contact us.  

Call: (800) 347-8597
Mail: State Auditor's Office, P.O. Box 869, Jefferson City, MO  65102

Satellite Offices

Springfield Office Building
Landers State Office Building
149 Park Central Square, Box 467, Suite 814
Springfield, MO 65806

St. Louis Office Building
Wainwright State Office Building 
111 North 7th Street, Room 334 
St. Louis, MO 63101

Kansas City Office Building
Fletcher-Daniels State Office Building
615 East 13th Street, Room 511
Kansas City, MO 64106