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State of Missouri Daily Spending

Daily activity and cash balance for the state's General Revenue Fund. Click the "Credits" or "Withdrawals" dollar amounts to view detailed breakdowns.

Beginning Balance: $4,894,402,794.96
Credits: + $105,900,651.58
Withdrawals: - $119,365,703.75
Ending Balance: $4,880,937,742.79

Income Tax Returns

Individual Income Tax Refunds Processed: $2,191,645.52

Source: SAM II. Amounts are listed as they appear in the state accounting system and have not been audited. Credits and withdrawals include appropriated transfer amounts, which are funds transferred out of the State Treasury and either chargeable to the General Revenue Fund (transfer-out) or chargeable to another fund to the General Revenue Fund (transfer-in). An example of a transfer-out is a transfer to the Outstanding Schools Trust Fund for payments to school districts. An example of a transfer-in is cash flow loans from the Budget Reserve Fund.

"Income Tax Refunds Processed" is the total dollar amount of the day's individual income tax refunds processed as of close of business. This amount is included in the "Income Tax" adjustments and "Other" categories shown in the daily withdrawal detail, but it may not be included on the same day in which a refund was processed.