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Report No. 2007-64
October 2007

Complete Audit Report

The following report is our audit of the Office of Lieutenant Governor.

The Lieutenant Governor has driven his assigned state-owned vehicle for official, commuting, and personal use. According to office personnel, the Lieutenant Governor reports his usage in accordance with instructions and guidance provided by the state's Office of Administration (OA).


On an annual basis, the mileage not identified as official or commuting mileage was reported to the OA as personal use and the Lieutenant Governor reimbursed the state for this use according to the methods and guidelines provided by the OA. However, our audit found that due to clerical errors the Lieutenant Governor had over-reimbursed for his personal mileage through August 2006. His office is currently working with OA to resolve the overpayment on the reimbursement for personal mileage through August 2007. Office personnel also indicated the Lieutenant Governor is now using his personal vehicle for much of the commuting and non-official use.


Although the Lieutenant Governor followed the guidance provided by the OA, there is no provision that exists in state law that allows any state official to use state vehicles for personal or political purposes. Furthermore, there are no provisions that allow non-official use as long as there is appropriate reimbursement.


We have recommended the Office of Lt. Governor, in conjunction with the OA and other state officials, pursue legislation regarding the proper use of state resources by elected and other state officials. Until state law allows non-official use of state resources, including vehicles, such resources should be used only for official state business.


Complete Audit Report

Missouri State Auditor's Office