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Statement from Auditor Galloway on request for Attorney General Opinion on Sunshine Law exceptions


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo (May 7, 2019) -- Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway today released a statement after formally requesting a legal opinion from the Attorney General on the appropriateness of Sunshine Law exemptions, as claimed by Gov. Parson's office. Recent media reports revealed that Gov. Parson's office failed to disclose information in response to Sunshine Law requests, citing the First Amendment. Auditor Galloway's request asks whether it is appropriate to redact information related to individuals conducting business with, lobbying or attempting to influence a government entity.

"Government should not be in the business of finding ways to hide information from taxpayers, but time and again, we have seen continued efforts to do just that. Most recently, reports revealed Governor Parson's office used the First Amendment to withhold information requested under the Sunshine Law. This is why I have requested clarification from the Attorney General as to whether these actions were lawful. There should be no confusion on how the Sunshine Law is applied."

Read the full request here.

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