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Galloway releases Schuyler County audit


County receives "good" performance rating

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway, today, released the Schuyler County audit report. The audit lists the county's overall performance rating as "good," and includes information collected for the Dec. 31, 2014 audit period.

"I'm pleased to report to the citizens of Schuyler County that the county has received a performance rating of 'good,' which is the second highest rating available," Galloway said. "While there were areas of concern, the county has begun to incorporate the recommendations made by my office to ensure efficiency and accountability for its taxpayers."

Audit staff noted findings in three separate audit areas, including sheriff controls and procedures, segregation of duties and the need for information systems back up procedures. The majority of findings for the county sheriff pertain to the previous sheriff, who was in office during the time of the audit.

The audit also noted concerns with data storage procedures. Backup files were not stored off-site, which puts the county at risk. The continuity of county operations is dependent on the ability to recover data that is lost or damaged.

The complete report is availableĀ here.

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