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Auditor Galloway statement on charges filed against former Parma officials

Audit detailed more than $115,000 taken from city through fraud over four years


State Auditor Nicole Galloway issued the statement below, following criminal charges being filed against three former Parma city officials. This summer, an audit found that from April 14, 2015 through April 16, 2019, at least $115,582 was taken fraudulently from the city. The fraud included payroll overpayments and/or improper payments to the mayor, the city clerk, and to city officials and others who were related to the mayor or the city clerk.  


"My audit this summer detailed a pattern of fraud that cost the citizens of Parma more than $115,000. Taxpayers deserve justice. I appreciate the work of state and local law enforcement and the response of Prosecuting Attorney Andrew Lawson in light of that audit. My office stands ready to assist as these cases proceed."