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Auditor Galloway releases report highlighting accomplishments of her two terms in office

Audits from April 2015 through December 2022 uncovered $380 million in waste, fraud, abuse and mismanagement, and led to 81 criminal charges against corrupt public officials

12/28/2022 - Jefferson City, Mo.

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway today issued an end of term report, highlighting many of the accomplishments of her two terms in office. The report can be found here.

Below is the text of the letter included in the report from Auditor Galloway to Missourians:

"Serving as your independent taxpayer watchdog for the past nearly eight years has been among the greatest honors of my life. I have endeavored to earn your trust and have your back. Taxpayers deserve someone in government who is looking out for them, not politicians and special interests. Being your advocate in government has been my mission and I am proud of everything we've accomplished together.

"I've worked closely with law enforcement to bring those who break the public trust to justice. As a result, 81 criminal charges were brought against corrupt public officials because of our audits. We've uncovered hundreds of millions of public dollars that were mismanaged, wasted and stolen. Programs that rely on public funding have been made more efficient, less wasteful and more transparent because of our audits.

"I am also proud that my office has led the way in state government when it comes to policies that are pro-working family, such as paid leave for new parents, and creating a workplace protection policy to ensure employees experiencing domestic violence can remain safe without worrying about job security. I ran my office under budget every year, returning $2.3 million to you, the taxpayers, in the process. Every independent review and audit of our office operations found an organization running efficiently and effectively.

"I will reflect on my time as your Auditor with pride and a deep appreciation for the enormous power this office has to make Missouri work better for its people.

"Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to serve."