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Auditor Galloway announces Polk County audit

Previous audit identified concerns with purchasing procedures, accounting oversight


Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway announced today that her office has begun a regularly scheduled audit of Polk County, located in southwest Missouri. The most recent county-wide audit was released in October 2012, and received an overall performance rating of "fair."

The 2012 audit found the county failed to document reasons for making several decisions, including why it made multiple purchases without soliciting bids. The audit also found the county operated a recycling center, but there were concerns with its management. For example, while many of the recyclable materials could be sold to recoup a portion of the center's operating costs, the center was giving all aluminum, plastic, and tin to a local recycling business. In addition, auditors found the county failed to follow up on discrepancies in fuel usage, resulting in more than $10,000 in payments the county was unable to explain.

The audit also identified concerns with accounting and oversight in the prosecuting attorney's office, which led to a targeted follow-up review of that office in May 2013.

The upcoming audit will review these and other issues from past audits and make recommendations on improvements to benefit Polk County citizens. The 2012 audit report is online here.

Individuals with information for consideration during the audit are invited to contact the State Auditor's Office at or 800-347-8597.