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Auditor Fitzpatrick issues follow-up letter to Cross Timbers city officials urging proactive measures be taken

Board of Aldermen should take steps to ensure better financial oversight

02/27/2023 - Jefferson City, MO

Today, Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick released a follow-up letter to local officials at the City of Cross Timbers urging them to implement better financial oversight practices to ensure accurate accounting of utility deposits and management of accounts.


A follow-up report released last December revealed that more than half of the 31 recommendations outlined in the initial, citizen-initiated audit were only partially implemented or not implemented at all.  Even more concerning, while working with the city to conduct the audit follow-up work, auditors identified deleted utility transactions and numerous concerns related to the handling of customer utility payments.  As a result of additional work related to these concerns and transactions, we are recommending several steps the city should take in a continued effort to help the Board of Aldermen improve the financial oversight of the city.


Today's letter identifies four key areas where further investigation and enhanced oversight from the Board of Aldermen are necessary: receipting, recording, and depositing of utility payments; utility account adjustments and billing practices; proper handling of delinquent utility accounts; and reconciliation of utility deposits.


A copy of the initial audit can be found here, and a copy of the follow-up report here.  The letter to city officials can be found here.