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Auditor Galloway releases follow-up report of Shelbina municipal court 11/17/2017
Auditor Galloway releases audit of Independence Events Center CID 11/16/2017
Auditor Galloway continues advocacy for removing barriers affecting small businesses 11/15/2017
Auditor Galloway recommends improvements for Bollinger County in audit 11/15/2017
Auditor Galloway releases report of common issues in contracted license offices 11/14/2017
Auditor Galloway releases audit of St. Clair County government 11/9/2017
Auditor Galloway issues progress report for city of Viburnum 11/9/2017
Auditor Galloway finds evidence of theft in Chariton County Sheriff's Office 11/8/2017
Auditor Galloway releases closeout report on Highway 36 - I-72 Corridor TDD 11/7/2017
Auditor Galloway recommends increased oversight in Cooper County government 11/2/2017
Auditor Galloway finds concerning spending by Texas County Collector-Treasurer 11/2/2017
Auditor Galloway recognizes schools in Dent, Oregon counties for notification policies in the case of data breach 11/1/2017
Auditor Galloway announces peer review gives Missouri State Auditor's Office highest rating possible 10/30/2017
Auditor Galloway releases monthly reports on local government and special district financial information 10/27/2017
Auditor Galloway details lack of oversight in city of Amoret 10/26/2017
Auditor Galloway releases audit detailing circumstances that led to charges, guilty plea for Cooper County Clerk 10/26/2017
Auditor Galloway finds BaratHaven CID overcharged $34,000 in property taxes, unable to meet debt obligations 10/25/2017
Auditor Galloway commends southern Missouri schools for making cyber awareness a priority 10/19/2017
Auditor Galloway completes closeout audit of Attorney General's office 10/19/2017
Auditor Galloway releases audit of New Madrid County government 10/17/2017
Auditor Galloway finds sales and property tax concerns, lack of oversight in Maries County 10/12/2017
Auditor Galloway issues subpoenas for Smithville Fire Protection District records 10/12/2017
Auditor Galloway says legislative giveaways undermine state's fiscal health 10/11/2017
Auditor Galloway releases audit of Bethany Municipal Court 10/10/2017
Auditor Galloway warns of financial instability for the City of Lexington 10/5/2017