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Auditor Galloway releases closeout audit of Cape Girardeau County Collector's office 5/20/2019
Auditor Galloway accepts Council request to audit St. Louis County in light of improprieties during Stenger administration 5/15/2019
Missing weapons, computers and tactical equipment: some of the problems detailed in Auditor Galloway’s report on Miller Police Department, whose former chief faces charges 5/7/2019
Statement from Auditor Galloway on request for Attorney General Opinion on Sunshine Law exceptions 5/7/2019
Auditor Galloway releases audits of State Treasurer's Office 5/2/2019
After revealing theft in City of Winona, Auditor Galloway finds improvements to better protect taxpayer dollars 5/1/2019
Auditor Galloway releases monthly reports on local government and special district financial information 4/30/2019
Statement on indictment of St. Louis County Executive 4/29/2019
Auditor Galloway provides update on ongoing audit of the City of St. Louis 4/24/2019
Auditor's Office public corruption investigation reveals financial concerns in City of Parma 4/17/2019
Auditor Galloway releases audit of City of St. Louis Information Technology Services Agency 4/17/2019
Statement from Auditor Galloway on dismissal of lawsuit related to audit exposing billing scheme at Putnam County Memorial Hospital 4/15/2019
Auditor Galloway finds progress in follow-up review of Winona Municipal Court 4/15/2019
Statement from Auditor Galloway on Parson administration's efforts to follow the law after audit release 4/12/2019
Auditor Galloway launches audit of Knox County Sheriff's Office 4/9/2019
Statement from the State Auditor's Office on today's court order 4/8/2019
Auditor Galloway releases audit of St. Louis City Board of Public Service 4/4/2019
Auditor Galloway calls on administration to take responsibility for misleading Missourians on their taxes 4/2/2019
Auditor Galloway releases monthly reports on local government and special district financial information 4/1/2019
Auditor Galloway issues compilation of law enforcement federal forfeiture reports 3/27/2019
Auditor Galloway finds continued failure to adequately review child care providers during statewide review 3/25/2019
Follow-up report on Coffey audit shows recommendations for better fiscal controls and oversight are either implemented or in progress, Auditor Galloway says 3/19/2019
Auditor Galloway details poor financial condition in Village of Ferrelview 3/14/2019
Auditor Galloway begins audit of Pemiscot County government 3/13/2019
Follow-up review of City of Amoret finds limited progress on audit recommendations; fiscal controls in one area worsened 3/12/2019