Statement from State Auditor Nicole Galloway on taxpayer-funded private attorneys hired by Governor Greitens

May 18, 2018

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway today received additional information regarding concerns she expressed about the payment of private attorneys representing the Governor as he faces disciplinary action before the legislature. A letter from the Attorney General expressed doubt as to the Office of the Governor's legal authority to hire private counsel. Auditor Galloway has shared these legal concerns with the Office of Administration and Office of the State Treasurer, who are responsible for processing and paying state expenses.

Earlier this week, the State Auditor's Office requested information from the Governor's Office regarding the cost, budget and funding source to pay the private attorneys. The State Auditor's Office received a response from the Governor's Office this afternoon and will be requesting additional information.

Below is a statement from Auditor Galloway:

The last thing Missourians expect when they send their hard-earned tax dollars to their government is for that money to be used to represent the Governor in disciplinary action before the legislature. Today's letter from the Attorney General only bolsters my concerns about the appropriateness of using public resources in this matter. Missourians deserve answers, and I will continue to pursue every avenue to provide a full accounting of how tax dollars are being used to pay these private attorneys.


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