Statement from Auditor Galloway on Parson administration's efforts to follow the law after audit release

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway today released a statement addressing the administration's efforts to follow the law after a recent audit of the Department of Revenue. After being aware of the unlawful withholdings for at least a month, department officials recently notified the State Auditor's Office that they have taken steps to comply with audit recommendations.

"For more than three months, the Parson administration has been misleading Missourians on their taxes. They are finally doing what they should have been all along — following the law. Now, the administration must be upfront with what money they are taking out of Missourians' paychecks."

On March 8, auditors made the Department of Revenue aware that changes made to the withholding calculation in January 2019 were done outside of the legal process. On April 2, Auditor Galloway publicly released the audit report outlining the unlawful changes to the withholding calculation that will result in over-withholding for a majority of Missouri taxpayers. Yesterday, the Department of Revenue notified the State Auditor's Office they are finalizing a draft of the regulation to submit to the Governor's office for approval.

Read the letter from the State Auditor's Office here and the Department of Revenue's response here

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