Statement from Auditor Galloway about lack of response from Attorney General on request for legal opinion

Ninety days after Auditor sends written request about Sunshine Law, Attorney General is silent

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway today released a statement on the status of her request for a legal opinion from Attorney General Eric Schmitt. On May 7, Auditor Galloway submitted a formal request for an opinion on whether it is appropriate for a government entity to redact information related to individuals conducting business with, lobbying or attempting to influence that government entity.

On May 9, the Attorney General's Office notified the Auditor's Office they would be in contact within 90 days. Based on that letter, 90 days passed on Monday, August 5.  As of this release, the State Auditor's Office has received no response. By law, only statewide and certain elected officials are able to ask for an Attorney General's opinion. Since May 9, no Attorney General's opinions regarding substantive legal questions have been issued.  

Auditor Galloway issued the following statement:

"The Attorney General is charged with enforcing the Sunshine Law. I would expect that he  would give an opinion as to whether it is appropriate to redact the information of those attempting to conduct business with or lobby a government entity. Missourians deserve to know who is influencing their government."