Auditor Galloway welcomes officials to Jefferson City for Local Government Day

Conference focuses on preventing and detecting issues at the local level; 40+ municipalities represented

State Auditor Nicole Galloway today welcomed officials from more than 40 Missouri municipalities for Local Government Day in Jefferson City. The event, sponsored by the State Auditor's Office, focuses on partnering with local governments to promote transparency and prevent issues before they happen.

"Our audits have identified corruption that has defrauded taxpayers of their dollars for years without being detected," Auditor Galloway said. "I applaud the officials in attendance today for committing to learning more about how to prevent and quickly identify issues before they rise to that level. The best practices discussed today can make a major impact on transparency and accountability in government operations."  

The annual event, which was launched in 2017,  has previously focused on county governments and received positive feedback from attendees. The success of those events lead the State Auditor's Office to offer today's conference focusing on issues important to cities, towns and villages.  

The day-long training and conference included sessions focused on ways to identify, correct and prevent common issues in local government operations. One session covered types of fraud, including ways to identify it and tips for working with law enforcement and the State Auditor's Office if fraud is suspected.

Auditor Galloway discussed the importance of professionalism and transparency at all levels of government and encouraged local officials to partner with her office in the future.

The event included leaders and representatives from more than 40 local governments across the state. Attendees included mayors, members of city councils and boards, city clerks, and many other elected and appointed officials.