Auditor Galloway releases follow-up report for City of Kimmswick audit

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway has released the City of Kimmswick follow-up report on audit findings.

The City of Kimmswick audit was initiated by a petition of citizens and was issued in December 2014. The audit earned an overall performance rating of "fair." The follow-up report, which does not include an overall rating, highlights the steps the city has taken to implement audit recommendations related to city festivals, management of the Anheuser Estate, accounting procedures, cybersecurity, and board approval for city policies.

"An accountable, transparent government has a big impact on citizens," Galloway said. "Kimmswick officials are taking steps to improve the financial management of taxpayer resources to become more accountable to residents."

Most notably, the city has made improvements to the Apple Butter and Strawberry Festival operations. The changes include tracking booth rentals and sales, improving documentation related to paying festival workers, posting bid notices, keeping meeting minutes, and approving payments.

The follow-up review was primarily conducted in June and July 2015 and information is deemed accurate through that time. A link to the complete follow-up report is available here.

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