Auditor Galloway releases first round of status update reports for City of St. Louis departments and offices

First of 21 initial reports include Supply Division, Board of Public Service and Department of Personnel

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo (Aug. 27, 2018) State Auditor Nicole Galloway announced the release of three reports providing a status update from city officials on how departments within the City of St. Louis have addressed findings from the last comprehensive audit of the city. These reports include responses from the Supply Division, Board of Public Service, and Department of Personnel as to their progress on the findings and will be considered as a part of ongoing audit work.   

The Supply Division purchases supplies and equipment for most city-wide departments and provides printing services for city departments. The report indicated that all findings from the audit released in 2008 have been implemented. An audit of the Supply Division began in May and is ongoing.

The Board of Public Service is responsible for planning and construction of public works for the city. The department manages the city's Equipment Services Division, which is responsible for the city's vehicle fleet, and the Facilities Management Division, which maintains and repairs city-owned properties. The report indicated a portion of the findings from the audit released in 2008 were implemented, partially implemented or in progress, with some findings not yet addressed. Audit work on the Board of Public Service began in June and is ongoing.

The Department of Personnel maintains the city's human resource responsibilities, employee benefit programs, training and development programs, and employment opportunities within the City of St. Louis. The report indicated that all findings from the audit released in 2008 have been implemented. An audit of the Department of Personnel is upcoming.

Auditor Galloway said she expects to release 21 of these initial reports, which will provide a status update by city departments and officials on whether the concerns raised by the last comprehensive audit, completed in 2010, were addressed. The three follow-up reports include descriptions of how 14 of 18 findings were implemented since the previous audit was released.

In late January, Auditor Galloway accepted the request by the Board of Aldermen to complete a comprehensive, independent audit of the City of St. Louis. Auditor Galloway said her office is approaching the review as a citizen-initiated audit and has pledged to engage citizens in the process. She has established a web page,, to answer questions and receive information and concerns from citizens, and is actively meeting with elected officials and community leaders to discuss the audit.

Citizens can provide information for consideration by contacting the State Auditor's Whistleblower Hotline at or by calling 800-347-8597. Concerns may also be submitted anonymously online at

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