Auditor Galloway releases audit of Perry County government

County improves since previous audit; receives overall rating of "good"

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo (Nov. 28, 2018) Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway today released an audit of Perry County, located in southeastern Missouri. The regularly-scheduled audit received an overall rating of good; a previous audit of the county conducted in 2014 received a rating of fair.

"This independent review found Perry County officials are working to manage government effectively and efficiently," said Auditor Galloway. "There are still processes that can be improved, including recommendations in the report to increase financial oversight, correct errors and improve the security of data."

The audit found the county clerk was not properly calculating the property tax reduction to the property tax levy, resulting in a reduction greater than required by law. Auditors also recommended increased oversight of property tax additions and abatements.

The report also recommended increased password protection in the offices of the County Collector, Sheriff, Prosecuting Attorney, and Public Administrator. Improved cybersecurity measures can reduce the risk of unauthorized access to computers and data.    

A full copy of the auditor's report is available here.

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