Auditor Galloway finds accounting errors, lack of oversight in Moniteau County Collector's Office

Audit initiated after vacancy in the office; includes recommendations from previous report
September 25, 2017

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway announced her office has completed an audit of the Moniteau County Collector's Office. The audit, which received an overall performance rating of fair, was performed per Missouri law, which requires an audit when a vacancy occurs in a county collector's office.

"During a transition, it's helpful to have a sense of the areas that can be improved to ensure the office is running as effectively as possible," said Auditor Galloway. "By addressing these concerns and accurately tracking accounts, any potential inappropriate activity can be detected quickly."

The audit found errors in the annual settlement that was filed by the former collector for the previous fiscal year. Due to a lack of oversight over the activities of the collector, the county commission approved the inaccurate settlement. 

The report also recommended better procedures for issuing receipts, reconciling bank accounts and accounting for disbursement obligations. These recommendations had previously been noted in a past report.

Former County Collector Cheryl Duvall resigned at the end of May. Ellen Ash was appointed to fill the vacancy and has begun efforts to address the concerns outlined in the report.

The Moniteau County Collector's Office audit report, which received an overall performance rating of fair, is available online here

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