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Report No. 2010-55
May 2010

Complete Audit Report

Findings in the Summary of State and Local Audit Findings- Sunshine Law

The Missouri State Auditor's office is responsible for audits of state agencies, boards, and commissions; counties that have not elected a county auditor; all divisions of the circuit court system; and other political subdivisions, such as municipalities, upon petition by the voters of those subdivisions or request of the governor.

This report summarizing a variety of audit issues and recommendations regarding the Sunshine Law, Chapter 610, RSMo, and other issues related to meeting minutes, was compiled using audit reports issued between January 2008 and December 2009. These issues were addressed in 59 audit reports.

Open Meetings
Concerns regarding open meeting minutes and documentation for closing meetings were noted in 47 governmental entities. Business appeared to be conducted outside of regular open meetings in 4 governmental entities.

Closed Meetings
Concerns regarding closed meeting minutes were noted in 30 governmental entities. The governing body did not document how some issues discussed in closed meetings were allowable under the state law in 18 governmental entities and the governing body discussed issues other than the specific reasons cited for going into a closed meeting in 3 governmental entities.

Public Records
Policies and procedures regarding public access to records need improvement in 24 governmental entities.

Meeting Agendas
Improvement is needed in preparing and posting meeting agendas in 15 governmental entities.

Complete Audit Report
Missouri State Auditor's Office