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Auditor Galloway announces first-of-its-kind transparency initiative to make Sunshine requests and responses accessible to the public


Today, State Auditor Nicole Galloway announced that Sunshine Law requests submitted to her office, and responses to those requests, are publicly available online and free of charge.

More than 200,000 pages of responsive documents and materials can be viewed here.

"As Missouri's independent watchdog, I consistently encourage governments at all levels to adopt policies that strengthen the trust of taxpayers," Auditor Galloway said. "We're setting a new standard for transparency by posting Sunshine requests made to my office and our responses. This is the public's business, and it should be publicly accessible." 

"This publicly-accessible online site will be a public service to Missouri’s citizens. Government at all levels should strive to be as transparent as possible with the data they hold, given that it is taxpayer-generated and taxpayer-owned.  Missouri Press Association thinks this is a forward step for state government," said Jean Maneke, counsel to Missouri Press Association.

Sunshine Law requests made to the State Auditor's Office and corresponding responses can be reviewed by year from August 2015 to the present. New requests and responses will be posted on a rolling basis. This practice is the first of its kind by a Missouri statewide elected official.

During Auditor Galloway's administration, the State Auditor's Office has never charged fees to any individual or entity for the fulfillment of a Sunshine Law request.