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Auditor Galloway announces audit of Gainesville License Office in Ozark County

Citizen input requested for upcoming license office audits


Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway has announced her office has started an audit of the Missouri Department of Revenue Contract License Office in Gainesville, located on Missouri's southern border.

The Department of Revenue is responsible for selecting agents to operate the 178 contract license offices throughout the state. These offices process transactions related to driver licenses, vehicle titles and license plates. In 2009 state law was amended to allow the Missouri State Auditor's Office to audit contract license offices.

This is the first audit for the Gainesville License Office, which is one of several license offices that will undergo an audit this year. Additional audits will be announced in the coming months. Last year, Auditor Galloway completed audits of the De Soto, Grandview, Marshall, Perryville, Salem, Savannah, Twin City and Warrensburg License Offices.

Individuals who would like to provide information for consideration during the audit may contact the State Auditor's Office at or 800-347-8597.