State Auditor's Office announces application timeline for position of nonpartisan state demographer

Application to be available online in September; applicants will have 90 days to apply

The Missouri State Auditor's Office today announced the application timeline for the position of nonpartisan state demographer. The position was created by the passage of Amendment 1, which was approved by 62% of Missouri voters in November 2018. Amendment 1 revised Article III of the Missouri Constitution.

The application for nonpartisan state demographer will be available at on Sept. 5, 2019, and will be open for a 90-day period. To ensure transparency, all submitted applications will be posted online.

Qualifications for the position will be identical to the state's current requirements for the existing position of state demographer, which is assigned to and employed by the Office of Administration.  In addition, Senate Bill 213, which becomes law on August 28, outlines several new duties and expectations of the nonpartisan demographer. The legislation allows for the Office of Administration to provide "technical and clerical" support for the nonpartisan demographer. 

Considering these factors and the need for budget planning, the State Auditor's Office communicated with the Office of Administration its reasoning as to why the nonpartisan demographer position is assumed to be an employee in the Office of Administration. The letter can be found here.

Applications will be reviewed by the State Auditor's Office Quality Control staff. Completed applications will then be delivered to the Senate majority and minority leaders. As required by Article III, Section 3 of the Missouri Constitution, Senate leadership has the duty of selecting the nonpartisan state demographer. 

The application timeline can be found here.