Auditor Galloway returns $150,000 from office budget to General Revenue Fund at end of fiscal year 2020; more than $2.3 million returned over last five fiscal years to taxpayers

State Auditor Nicole Galloway announced today that she has returned $150,000 from her office's budget for Fiscal Year 2020, which ended June 30. At the end of the last five fiscal years, Auditor Galloway has returned a total of more than $2.3 million from her budget to the General Revenue Fund.

This is in addition to $200,000 the Auditor's Office withheld in June at the Governor's request to help address Missouri's ongoing budget crisis.

"My office helps local and state government better serve Missourians by making recommendations to them to work more efficiently and effectively with taxpayer dollars," Auditor Galloway said. "We apply those standards of good stewardship to our own operations, and I'm proud those results have helped us send more than $2.3 million back to benefit the people of Missouri."