Auditor Galloway launches audit of Dent County

Citizens with information encouraged to report to Whistleblower Hotline

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo (Jan. 10, 2018) Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway announced a regularly scheduled audit of Dent County, located in south central Missouri, is underway. The most recent audit of Dent County government was completed in 2014, with the county receiving an overall performance rating of good.

"My office will review county operations to ensure taxpayer resources have been used effectively and appropriately. Any findings will include recommendations for improvements," Auditor Galloway said. "Anyone with information that would be helpful to this audit is encouraged to contact the State Auditor's Office through the Whistleblower Hotline."

A 2014 audit of Dent County recommended the Sheriff and Prosecuting Attorney make improvements to their accounting controls and procedures. Other findings related to improper reporting of property tax levy reductions to the State Auditor. Additional findings related to review of the County Collector's financial activities by the County Commission and the County Clerk.

Individuals who would like to provide information for consideration in this or any audit may contact the State Auditor's Whistleblower Hotline at or by calling 800-347-8597. Concerns may also be submitted anonymously online at

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